Exhibitor’s Guide To O2O Live

O2O Live is created to deliver a virtual event experience for the exhibitors & event attendees. Unlike a trade show where you are only able to meet a certain number of visitors in a day, the digital exhibition experience allows you to meet as many visitors as you want in any day at any location.

This is the best platform for an exhibitor to trade, showcase products & services, gain exposure & high-quality leads at the comfort of your home or office.

O2O Live enables live video chat, and before you start using the platform for meetings there are certain things you must prepare in advance. Refer to this guide before you go LIVE.

  • Once you are given access to O2O Live. Check if the system functions properly.
  • Edit, update & maintain profile.
  • Prepare all materials in advance, including emails, business cards, price lists, catalogs etc.)
  • Upload company videos, product videos or demo videos you would like to share to YouTube channel.
  • Keep your website up & running
  • Prepare Your product catalog in a pdf format for the visitors to download.
  • Upload products for the visitors to see. Make sure that your graphics are in standard quality.

O2O Live is compatible with both MacOS & Windows computers. Also, it is accessible with mobile devices (Both Android & iOS)
Make sure your devices are connected to internet.

Additional equipment you might need – speakers, microphones, TV displays, Cameras etc.

Make sure to test your audio & video equipment before you start meeting.

  • Choose a room with good lighting &minimum distractions.
  • Make sure your backdrop is professional. it is ideal to have your company name & logo up there.
  • Set up your audio & video equipment.
  • Keep your visual aids ready & easily accessible.

If you have a pre-scheduled meeting,

  • Prepare your meeting room in advance
  • Test Your audio & video equipment
  • Make sure you log in at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  • Dress appropriately, we encourage formal attire for the exhibitors to ensure professionalism.
  • Be aware of the transmission delay and pause for others to comment.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Avoid unnecessary background noises; mute microphone is necessary.
  • Keep your materials ready (YouTube links ready, if you are going to screen share keep the necessary tabs open)
  • If you are supposed to do a virtual product inspection for the client, keep your products & visual aids ready.
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