About O2O Live

O2O Live is a virtual version of a live exhibition or a conference. It is designed for the use of exhibition attendees & visitors. O2O Live facilitates connection between them with features including live video chat, virtual product inspections, information share, online trade & more.

O2O Live grants login access for the event attendees who are registered to visit an exhibition or a conference.
First, you must complete registration at the event website. Then you will receive your login credential (Username & Password) via email.
Or if you are using a mobile phone, download O2O live app through Play Store (for android) or App store (for IOS). And then log in.

For Visitors,

Video Chat feature to

  • Real Time Live chat
  • Live video chat with HD video quality
  • Best screen sharing quality
  • Screen share available for YouTube Videos, Catalogs, Web and Google Drive, Dropbox Files
  • View Contact availability status (Live, Free, On call)
  • Organize virtual product inspections.
  • Easily invite exhibitors to connect
  • Works over Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE and 3G networks

For the registered visitors, the platform access would be given for free.

O2O Live Exhibitors

To check the availability of the exhibitor, move the cursor on to the thumbnail.

If the exhibitor is online & free – Live button in green appears
If the exhibitor is online but busy – A red dot indicates the exhibitor on a call.

Yes, Once log in to dashboard you will see the exhibitor suggestions. Select an exhibitor who you would like to connect with.
Click Thumbnail > Go to Exhibitor Profile > Click Chat+ button on exhibitor profile to send a message

With the information you provide during the visitor registration process, we select the exhibitors who match your requirements. These exhibitors are the most likely to be in your requested product category.

O2O Live is powered by artificial intelligence & the system matches your requirements with the exhibitor profiles. The most accurate matches appear here. You are highly recommended to connect with these exhibitors.

In the Live & Free section you will find the exhibitors who are online and free to chat. Click on the thumbnails to proceed to chat.

During the registration process, the visitors are asked to pick an industry which they are interested in (Tier 1) & then a more defined tier 2 product category.

On dashboard, you can see the list of exhibitors in Tier 1 & Tier 2 categories.

If you would like to meet exhibitors of a specific product category, click on the drop-down button of “category’

Select Tier 1 Category > Select Tier 2 Category

The list will be filtered according to your preferences.

Yes, if you are looking for exhibitors from a specific country, click on the drop-down icon in “country” at the top of the dashboard. The list of countries will appear. Click on the country name to filter the list.

To view the products of an exhibitor, click on the exhibitor thumbnail and proceed to exhibitors’ profile.
The products will appear on “Photo Gallery”
Click on the arrow to check out the product previews. Click on “Explore All” to view the full list of products.

Go to the conference sessions section and click on the join button. To access more information regarding the conference, click “More Info”

This would typically direct you to the landing page.

Joining A Meeting

To start a live video conference first you may select an exhibitor. Also make sure that the exhibitor is online. (check for the “Live” button in green)

Then click on the exhibitor thumbnail & proceed to the exhibitor’s page. You will see Join Meeting button. Click on it to proceed to the live video chat.

The exhibitors & even visitors can generate a meeting URL and send it to the person they would like to have a chat with.
If you receive a URL, click on it and it will directly open the chatroom.

Yes, like meeting link, once you add the meeting ID you will be directed to the chat room.

When a visitor logs out, the status changes to offline and the exhibitors are no longer able to find you on “Live & Free” section. And also, they cannot directly join for a live chat with you except sending a meeting URL.

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